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Langwathby and Edenhall First Responders



We are a group of trained volunteers activated by the Ambulance Service to provide early intervention for a number of critical medical conditions. Even though an ambulance is already on its way, we can make a potentially life-saving contribution to the care of the patient by providing emergency life support until the ambulance arrives.

All the volunteers have been trained by the Ambulance Service in the delivery of Basic Life Support and the use of the Defibrillator. In addition, each volunteer regularly attends on-going training sessions and their skills are assessed by the Ambulance Service every six months. The Langwathby & Edenhall group is one of over 60 Community First Responder teams across Cumbria including almost 1,000 volunteer members.

Why Are First Responders Needed?

In the event of a cardiac arrest, the chances of long term survival decline by as much as 10% per minute without early intervention and defibrillation. In a largely rural county like Cumbria, First Responders are extremely valuable as every minute counts. Each volunteer is trained to use a defibrillator should this prove necessary.

What incidents are First Responders asked to attend?

First Responders are asked to attend medical emergencies to assist patients over 12 years of age
These can include:

  • Chest pains
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Patients who are unconscious for an unknown reason
  • Choking

Community First Responders will not be asked to attend road accidents or any known violent or other dangerous situations.

Who calls out the First Responders?

The decision to call out the First Responders is made solely by the Ambulance Service. In the event of a medical emergency, a member of the public would call 999 and then, based on their assessment of the situation, the Ambulance Service would decide whether or not to call out the team.

How is the First Responder Group financed?

During the training and setting up phase, the group was fortunate to receive a number of grants and donations towards their costs but now that the team is live and is linked to the Ambulance Service by a system of pagers, the on-going costs of the pagers has to be met through fund-raising and donations. Throughout the year the First Responders organise different fund-raising events and would encourage everyone in the villages of Edenhall and Langwathby to support this very worthwhile cause.